Day Two

Presentation - Greg Bender / Norman Marshall, Australian Soil Management.

Context  - The ACT has some of the least fertile soil in Australia. This has been exacerbated by the presence of the invasive species African Love Grass. If the surrounding region is to become more productive, a serious effort will need to be made to lift soil health and productivity. Within the City, soil-based solutions and enrichment of soils will also need be a priority, given that it remains the most accessible, ‘lowest technology’ and cheapest form of urban farming available to us.

Challenge​An exploration of what is possible in the urban farming and regional farming context for improving soil health and productivity of soils (without reference to fertilises and herbicides). Soil as a key carbon sink and means of reducing emissions. 


  • Facilitator - Dr Maxine Cooper, Chair, Landcare ACT.

  • Rachelle Armstrong, Managing Director, NutraSoil.

  • Greg Bender / Norman Marshall, Australian Soil Management.

  • Ben Smith, soil focused farming.

  • Marc Noyce, Biofilta.

  • Walter Jehne, CSIRO.

Case Study - Walter Jehne – Soil Scientist, CSIRO.

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