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Co-Founder & CEO, Provenir

Chris Balazs is the CEO and Co-Founder of Provenir, one of the leaders pioneering true paddock to plate produce, through on-farm mobile abattoir technology.

Chris’s innovative and adaptive approach to an emerging sector of the food industry has seen Provenir achieve great growth over the last year, and has bought a whole new disruptive technology to the red meat industry that will improve animal welfare standards whilst increasing farmers slice of the value chain.

A scientist by profession Chris has had the opportunity to work on global technology transfer projects and complete his MBA. He recently transitioned from this successful 20yr corporate career to focusing full time on ag-tech innovation. Previously a scientist by profession, now a farmer by choice, his combination of scientific knowledge, farming practicality and business acumen has enabled the dream of on-farm livestock processing to become a reality in Australia.

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