Day One

Presentation - Charlie Prell – Farmers for Climate Action

Context  - Many Australian farms and food manufacturers struggle to be profitable. The demand for fresh local product in cities like Canberra whether through Farmers markets or the local supermarket is increasing. While price is king, consumers will pay more for genuinely sustainably produced food, which will be the fundamental determinant for remaining in farming in coming decades.

Challenge - What can be done to help farmers become more sustainable – and tap into the city marketplace? How important is the Renewable Energy – Food – Water Nexus in creating more sustainable food system in the face of climate change? Is the divide between traditional farming and community-based food initiatives necessary anymore?


  • Facilitator – Wendy Cohen, CEO of Farmers for Climate Action

  • Charlie Prell, Farmers for Climate Action – Renewables, Water & Food for sustainable outcomes.

  • Mark Field, The Real Food Processor, supermarket views.

  • Gary Nairn, Mulloon Institute, Water and Food Nexus.

  • Miranda Sharp, Melbourne Farmers Markets.

Case StudyMajura Valley Free Range Eggs and Amberly Farm.