Day One

Presentation - Robert Pekin - Food Connect, Brisbane

Context  - Cooperatives are nothing new – but they have proven to be one of the most durable grass-roots arrangements in the food sector – driving local food production as much as major industrials such as farmer-owner cooperatives in the dairy industry. Everyone shares the costs and the profits reward effort and help build the base.

Challenge - What needs to happen to form a true City-Region food cooperative in the Capital Region? What makes it work? What makes it fail? What are the different takes on this which we need to consider? What does success look like?


  • Facilitator – Catriona Macmillan, FoodLab.

  • Robert Pekin, Food Connect, Brisbane – A working model.

  • Walter Steensby, Slow Food – View from the ACT. 

  • Dr Nick Rose, Sustain, the Australian Food Network

  • Scotty Foster, CoCanberra

Case Study - Scotty Foster, CoCanberra

FoodConnect Brisbane