Event One

Urban Food Tour

1:10 PM                Bus/cars depart venue

                              Lunchbox & Juice provided

                              In transit: Bob Stevenson 

                              Water Ups, Innovative technology and resource conservation in food production

1:30 PM                Ainslie Urban Farm

                              Urban farming presentation and site inspection

                             “Meeting food service restaurant demand “, Fiona Buining, Co-Owner, Ainslie Urban Farm                                

2:30 PM                Bus/cars depart Ainslie

                             In transit: Digby Hall

                             Examples from around the world where food is part of urban design

2:50 PM                Ginninderry Development

                             Presentations : Jessica Stewart, Sustainability Manager and other team members on urban food in the                           

                             development context and associated social ventures.

                             Interact with Invertigro Vertical Farm installation

                             Tour of plantings and other sustainability features

3:45 PM                Bus/cars depart Ginninderry

                             In transit: Pennie Scott

                             'State of the Food System'

4:15 PM                Poachers Pantry - Regional food experience

                              Presentation by Susan Bruce, (Owner) and Richard Everson, Entrepreneurs Programme, Department of Industry,                                          Science, Energy and Resources

                              Talks by local food producers on the challenges and solutions of more regional premium produce

                              Presentation by Freddy McGrath-Weber, Majura Valley Farm

5:10 PM                Bus/cars depart Poachers Pantry


5:40 PM                Bus/cars arrives back at FIC Venue


6:15 PM                Reassemble at Kambri (ANU) and proceed to dinner at local restaurant at own expense - reserved






City/Region Sustainable Farming Tour

1:10 PM               Bus/cars depart venue

                             Lunchbox & Juice provided

1:40 PM               Canberra City Farm

                             General presentation on CCF vision, operations and products. Insight into related community businesses and ongoing

                             environmental education role. 

                             Tour of the Farm in groups; Question and Answer session.


2:30 PM               Bus/cars departs Canberra City Farm

                             In transit:

                             Ronald YU CSIRO - Agriculture and Food Group- “The Big Bran Theory” 

                             Innovative research shaping the future of agriculture

                             Charlie Prell -  Deputy Chair, Farmers for Climate Action, “Current Opportunities and Challenges in Agriculture”

3:20 PM                Mulloon Creek Farm

                             Tour and talks on regenerative farming, land management research and food production.

                             Presented by Leading advocates of regenerative agriculture and Mulloon Creek Farm managers and project leaders

4:20 PM               Afternoon Tea showcasing regional produce, Networking Opportunities with Mulloon Staff and participants


5:00 PM               Bus departs Mulloon Creek farm

                             In transit: Tony Madden, Maddens Refrigerated Transport, “Meeting transport & logistics skills/labour challenges

5:55 PM               Bus/cars arrives back at FIC Venue


6:15 PM               Reassemble at Kambri (ANU) and proceed to dinner at local restaurant at own expense - reserved