Day Two

Presentation - Dr Steven Lapidge – Fight Food Waste CRC.

Context  - It has been reported that some 40,000 tonnes of food waste going to landfill a year in the ACT. In the 2019 ACT Budget resources are allocated to plan for a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) service. The National Food Waste Strategy in 2018 reiterates a commitment to halve the nation’s food waste by 2030. Food waste means: Reducing, Recycling, reusing, extracting, and value-adding.

Challenge - Are we thinking imaginatively enough about reducing and using food waste? Creating a genuine circular economy with food and green waste. Commercial opportunities abound for producing other foods, nutraceuticals and energy. On the farm & in the City – different needs to be thought through.


  • Facilitator – Olympia Yarger, GoTerra.

  • Naomi Lee, ACT Government.

  • Ilana Cooper, Dan The Man Cooking – Zero Waste Catering company.

  • Gerry Gillespie, an industrial farming application.

  • Dr Steven Lapidge – CEO, Fight Food Waste CRC.

Case study - Naomi Lee, Piloting a Food Waste Avoidance Program (ACT).

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