Day Two

Presentation - Dr Alana Mann, Sydney University – Sydney City Council’s FoodLab project

Context  - Many cities throughout the world are moving strongly into food social venture. Models such as those used in Detroit in the USA with food business incubation are transforming the inner city and the lives of participants. City Urban Strategies and industrial kitchens/training are proving critical components of the formula. The commons, market gardens and the backyard are also essential building blocks. The trick is taking community with you and being able to engage.

Challenge​What are other cities doing in the local urban food space? Remodelling urban areas for food. Addressing high food prices and low quality; food security; health; nutrition and building new businesses. Elements for making it work successfully in Canberra and other cities.


  • Facilitator – Cindy Mitchell, The Mill House Venture.

  • Kelly McJannett, Food Ladder.

  • Robert Pekin, Food Connect.

  • Dr Alana Mann, Sydney University – Adapting the model.

  • David Maxwell, Ginninderry – Doing it here.

Case Study - Miranda Sharp, Melbourne Farmers Market.

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