Day One

Presentation - Marc Noyce, CEO Biofilta

Context  - Our premise is that good business and sustainability go together. Sustainability means both having less environmental impact and also more economic impact so that local food production can become a viable business proposition through time for our whole region. This means focussing on sustainable water and energy efficient models of food production inside the ACT, in the immediate region and across the city’s supply chain.

Challenge - What sort of food system do we want in Canberra and the broader region? What will work better here – given our population, community, climate and geography? How do we bring Renewable Energy use, food production and using water more productively into harmony?

Panel -

  • Facilitator - Graeme Smith, Greenhouse Innovations Consulting.  

  • Marc Noyce, Biofilta.

  • Henry Gordon-Smith, Agritecture.

  • David Eyres, Future Food Systems CRC.

  • Geert Hendrix, Farmwall.

Case Study - Fiona Buining, Ainslie Urban Farm.

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