Day Two

Presentation - Dr Hermione Parsons, Industry Professor and Director, Centre for Supply Chain and

Logistics, Deakin University. FIAL Board member.

Context  - Delivering food in the urban context and from the broader region can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Self-drive and Australia Post are not ideal or sustainable solutions but are common practice among many producers. This collaborative session will identify and recommend individual and systemic solutions to the identified challenges.


  • ‘Last mile’ challenges - relative costs of freight to different destinations.

  • Pricing freight services, refrigeration.

  • Mid-scale processing options.

  • Maintaining cold chain integrity, food safety.

  • The need for freight consolidators and mobile systems.

  • Scale issues/consolidation – small quantities of goods.

  • Better data and applying it to gain efficiencies.

  • The need for T & L regional hubs.


  • Facilitator – Canberra Innovation Network

  • T & L providers (Transport companies).

  • Food processors.

  • Food businesses (regional/urban and farm, farm mix).

  • Solution providers (data, drones, Uber etc).

  • Retailers (supermarkets, specialty stores and markets).

Case study

  1. ‘Regional Load-Sharing platforms’ an optimised freight model based on the proven logistics model of co-loading, augmented with modern software design. 

  2. Provenir - the need for mobile meat processing - overcoming the barriers.

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