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Day Two

Presentation - Dr Hermione Parsons, Industry Professor and Director, Centre for Supply Chain and

Logistics, Deakin University. FIAL Board member.


Special Sponsor Presentation - Julian Butler, Product & Technology Principal, Telstra. Multi-party data- How to enable AI transformation.

Context  - Small scale processing facilities are desperately needed. Delivering food from the broader region can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Self-drive and Australia Post are not ideal or sustainable solutions but are common practice among many producers. This collaborative session will identify and recommend solutions to the challenges.


  • ‘Last mile’ challenges - relative costs of freight to different destinations.

  • Pricing freight services, refrigeration.

  • Small-scale processing options (dairy, meal, grains).

  • Maintaining cold chain integrity, food safety.

  • The need for freight consolidators and mobile systems.

  • Scale issues/consolidation – small quantities of goods.

  • Better data and applying it to gain efficiencies.

  • The need for T & L regional hubs.


  • Facilitator – Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN)

  • T & L providers (Transport companies).

  • Food processors.

  • Food businesses (regional/urban and farm, farm mix).

  • Solution providers (data, drones, Uber etc).

  • Retailers (supermarkets, specialty stores and markets).

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