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Event Two


  • Facilitator – Maxine Cooper, Chair Landcare ACT 

  • Martin Royds, Farmer/Mulloon Institute 

  • Freddy McGrath-Webber

  • Ross Thompson, University of Canberra 

  • Hamish Sinclair, Freshford Foods

  • Chris Balaz, Provenir

Context - 

If the surrounding region is to become more productive, a serious effort will need to be made to lift soil health and productivity. Within the City, soil-based solutions and enrichment of soils will also need be a priority, given that it remains the most accessible, ‘lowest technology’ and cheapest form of urban farming available to us. 

Water of course is a critical component of the nexus – clean energy – food production - water availability - soil. Using less of it; recycling and using it for more local food production is critical to the sustainable food system equation.

Presentation - Dr. Barry McGookin, Food Innovation Australia

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