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Day Two

Presentation - Mel Nathan – Founder, Executive Chef’s Club 

Context  - We are experiencing a revolution in food, where diners are seeking healthy, sustainable, higher quality, and more engaging food experiences. Increasingly, consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it was grown and prepared, and how good it is for them. Chefs have much to teach food businesses about staying in touch with consumer trends. Cost pressures make for a tough market. 

Challenge​Are vegetables winning over protein? What are they looking for from food producers? What wines are in vogue? Where do they feel they are being let down and what can improve? Does a good chef ever have food waste? What are the specific challenges of the restaurant industry right now in the Canberra Region?


  • Facilitator – Mel Nathan, Executive Chefs Club.

  • Brett Waslin / Sam McCarthy, Parlour Wine Room.

  • Adrian Best, Consultant.

  • Adam Bantock, Clementine.

  • Fabien Wagnon, Buvette.

  • Sunita Kuma, Daana.

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