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Day Two

Presentation - Will Schmitt, Co-Founder and Principal, Open2Innovate. What are profit-for-purpose social enterprises? Focus on investment in food, waste technology and innovation.

Context - Food is showing itself to be enormously versatile in combating employability, mental health and inclusion challenges. We’ve seen unique partnerships between social enterprises and large companies. Companies doing one-off support of causes or issues don’t cut it with consumers. They are sophisticated and now expect companies to lead with purpose, deeply embedding social and environmental impact into everything they do.

Challenge  - How can local food businesses tap into “purpose driven” branding to increase sales and at the same time give back to society or various social causes. Collaborating with the corporates? How to avoid 'green washing' ?

Panel Pitch - 

  • Facilitator – Cindy Mitchell, Millhouse Ventures.

  • Will Schmitt, Open2Innovate.

  • Sam Sgambellone, For Purpose Co

  • Russel Rankin, Food Innovation

  • Elle Astrup, Founder, Foods that Love You Back

Case Study - For Purpose Co & Oz Harvest.

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